Today is a special day - March 13, 2017 Alpha Lambda Beta Sorority, Incorporated became a reality. It is indeed a joy to celebrate the start of our Sisterhood of Service! The vision that I was given as Founder, stems from my professional journey, that is coupled with numerous awards and from the community service that I have participated in for over 20 years. I wanted to establish a Sorority that that would be forever affiliated and connected with women who have graduated from secondary institutions of higher learning.


This Sorority will never forget the women in the early 1900's who started African American Greek collegiate organizations that have paved the way for new Greek organizations & sororities both collegiate and non-collegiate, like ours to be established! We are proud of our heritage and we shall never forget the sacrifices and dedication of those that came before us.

​Our first chapter - Alpha Lambda Pi Chapter (consists of graduates with degrees from a college or university) also known as our Graduate Chapter was founded in March 2017 and continues to grow and flourish today.

The Chi Kappa Epsilon chapter (consists of graduates with degrees from junior colleges or vocational/technical schools) whom normally would not have been offered membership in Greek organizations, also continues to grow and flourish as well. Our Sorority offers in-person and remote meetings and initiations. No matter where you are in the world, everyone has an opportunity to apply to our Sisterhood.

Special Sisterhood activities are mandatory and are announced well in advance with dates and times agreed upon by our members. Sisterhood Regions of involvement are continuing to be formed as we charter more new chapters. Our Sisterhood does not discriminate; all educated and professional women are able to join our wonderful Sorority.


Alpha Lambda Beta Sorority, Incorporated loves and appreciates our Sisters from around the globe as we prepare to serve. We look forward to providing years of service to our communities and years of service as a Sisterhood as we make history as a Sorority that accepts the Professional Woman.

Mach 13, 2017 is a day to reflect upon our individual commitment to Alpha Lambda Beta Sorority, Incorporated and how we can make positive contributions in keeping with our mission. This is the day to decide how our chapters can raise the bar on their service to our communities, how we can increase our support to professional women, how we can uplift each other and bring joy to those needing a helping hand.


This is the day for our regional chapters to reflect on how to spread our mission of Alpha Lambda Beta to every state in their region. This is the day that our National Headquarters reflects on ways to strengthen our bond of sisterhood and service; to find ways to accomplish our mission and vision.

I am humbled that I was given the opportunity to serve as the National President & Founder of our esteemed Sorority. My immediate goal is to improve and empower our communities by encouraging our Sisterhood to help in any way possible. This includes but is not limited to serving our senior citizens in whatever ways they need; serving the homeless and hungry; supporting families during challenging times and more.

There is still work to be done in our communities. As we look to the future, let us remain committed to be our best – women of refinement and culture, women of integrity and women of wisdom while continuing to strengthen Alpha Lambda Beta Sorority, Incorporated as we propel onward and forward!

We are a community-based Sorority that consists of diverse and unique members; yet all our actions are guided by our united Sisterhood of core values: Leadership, Philanthropy, and Empowerment.

We are here to stay!

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our Sisterhood with any questions you may have!





Yours in sisterhood and service,





Tawana L. Covington 

Founder of Alpha Lambda Beta Sorority, Inc.

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Tawana L. Covington



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