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Membership Requirements

Thank you for your interest in Alpha Lambda Beta Sorority, Incorporated. We are always looking for new members who can help our Sorority reach our goals which are promoting Principles of Community, Sisterhood and Service. We take our Membership Process very seriously, because entering this Sisterhood, if accepted, is a lifelong commitment.

Our requirements are as follows:

  • Must be 21 years of age or older.

  • Must be a graduate of a University, Junior College or Professional Vocational/Trade School cultural and educational backgrounds.

  • Must possess the ability to work well with other and be a team player with sisters from diverse backgrounds.

  • Must recognize, believe and understand the vision and mission of Alpha Lambda Beta Sorority, Incorporated which is to represent this Sorority with pride, respect and professionalism.

  • Must agree to pay Membership dues in a timely manner.

  • Must attend the Alpha Lambda Beta Sorority Incorporated Interest meeting for that

       consideration period.

  • Must be participate in Sorority Events and Community Service Projects. 

  • Must complete the Membership Application and Membership Intake Process, which includes whatever financial commitments (new member dues and initiation fees) are required at that time, prior to becoming a Pledge to the Sorority.

  • Must obtain or have in their possession a character recommendation letter from one of the  following: Educational Institution, Service Organization, Workplace Management, Church Pastor, Incorporated at the time of application. Teaching Professional or be sponsored by an Active member of Alpha Lambda Beta Sorority.

  • Must not be an Active Member of another Greek letter organization.


Application Instructions

To obtain an application please click on the Online store, Applications, Dues etc. tab on the Main Menu, click Alpha Lambda Beta Membership Applications and Payment Area tab, click Alpha Lambda Beta New Graduate Membership Application tab and then follow the instructions to include payment.

You must pay for application processing & background check fee totaling $50 to immediately obtain an application by email.
The application once received via email will require the following to complete your application:

  • Application processing fee of $50.00

  • A colored 3 x 5 photo of yourself must be provided along with completed application

  • Identification - Photo ID (Driver License, Military ID or Passport)

  • Supporting documents (Degrees, Certification or Diploma)

  • Letter of Recommendation (School, Organization, Management, Pastor, Teacher or

Your Application must contain all of the above items to be deemed complete.


New Member Dues Note:

Once your completed application has been accepted, you will become a Potential New Member or PNM. If a PNM is offered entry into our Sorority (this is called a bid), and she accepts, she then becomes a new member. New membership fees are due the same day of bid acceptance. As a new member, she will then learn history and values of the Sorority. She will also, then meet other new members who accept bids during the same time period and she will meet our current Sisterhood. During this bonding period, she will begin preparing for initiation into our Sorority. If she passes initiation, she will then join our Sorority. The entrance process will be discussed after a Sorority Bid has been offered and accepted. It is important to stress that pledging a Sorority involves a substantial time commitment for life.

All new members are REQUIRED to pay a New Membership Fee IN FULL. This will be discussed in detail at the Interest Meeting. The Membership Process and Initiation are done remotely, if there is not a local chapter in your area.

We look forward to answering any questions you have about becoming a member of our esteemed Sisterhood – Alpha Lambda Beta Sorority Incorporated! You may contact us by phone 406-948-2018 or via email at








In Sisterhood and Service,
Alpha Lambda Beta Membership Intake Committee



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