Alpha Lambda Beta Sorority Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What does Alpha Lambda Beta Sorority look for in a potential member?

A. Alpha Lambda Beta Sorority is committed to making a substantial impact on history. As such, we are looking for graduates; women who are hardworking and dedicated leaders; women who are willing to excel above the status quo; and most importantly women who are not afraid to make a difference in the community.


Q. What about your Sorority fees?

A. Being an active member of Alpha Lambda Beta Sorority requires a financial obligation. There is an initial non-refundable application fee & entrance fee due immediately before the Membership Intake Process begins and annual Membership dues thereafter (which is also non-refundable). Monthly payment options available. Please contact membership services for more information.

Q. How to get a New Membership application? 

A. Contact membership services: to request a application, pay application processing fee & you will receive a link to your email soon after.

Q. I am out of college, or did not go to college, would I still be considered for membership?

A. Yes. If you attended & graduated from a accredited trade school, jr. college or university you can apply.


Q. How can I participate in the process if there is no chapter in my area?

A. Our Recruitment process is specifically designed to allow those without a chapter in their area to participate. Potential members can attend entrance via online. Email member services for more information.

Q: If I meet all requirements specified at the interest meeting, do I automatically receive an invitation for membership intake?

A: No. Our goal is to select women who not only meet the basic requirements, but also exceed them & must be interested in helping their communities among other things. It takes dedication & we must see that as well within a potential member. Meeting basic requirements is only the first step in the Membership Intake Process.

Q: Will I need to pay initiation?

A. Yes, this fee will be automatically deducted from new membership dues.(Which is done online)

Q: Will it be a probate?

A. No, This is a graduate chapter we do things different from collegiate & under grad chapters. We will have other events.


Q: What if I belong to another Greek-letter organization, am I still eligible for membership?

A: If you are a member of another organization holding membership in any Greek, Black Letter Organization, you are not eligible to join Alpha Lambda Beta Sorority, Incorporated.


Note:  We are now accepting applications, Please attend our interest meeting to be considered.

Please go our Membership Payment Tab to request an application.


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