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Soror Aleta Eversley & Soror Jennifer Malavet 

Austin, TX

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The Sweet Smell of Elegance - A Sisterhood of Professionals

Joining a sorority can have a positive impact on your life - both personally and professionally.

We are proud to offer this opportunity to all graduates!

​We are proud to offer graduates with baccalaureate degrees or higher who may have missed out on the
opportunity to join a campus-based Greek organization to join our Sisterhood.

We accept Potential New Members (PNMs) who have attended colleges and universities worldwide to join our graduate chapter - Alpha Lambda Pi and we invite graduates of professional trade schools or junior colleges to

join our Chi Kappa Epsilon chapter.

We are a local, regional, national and international sorority, inviting our sisters from around the world to join us.

Membership to Alpha Lambda Beta Sorority, Incorporated is offered by invitation only to

women in all professions who have secondary education and have graduated in their respective disciplines.

This includes junior college, vocational or university education.

E-Meetings or electronic meetings are also available for members who are unable to

make monthly in-person meetings or who do not have an active chapter in their area.

However, there are some activities and meetings that require mandatory in-person attendance – these include but are not limited to fundraising events, networking events, new membership banquet, etc.

You will be given plenty of advanced notice for locations, dates and times.

Our Sisterhood focus is in six areas:

 Professional Encouragement
 Sisterhood Empowerment
 Community Involvement
 Networking
 Leadership
 Scholarships for Education

If you are interested in joining our Sisterhood, please contact Soror Cheree Williams for national membership or  Soror Bria Morris-Brown for regional membership information email: membership@AlphaLambdaBetaSorority.org 


Alpha Lambda Beta Sorority, Inc. 

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